Why Choose Our Alpharetta Web Development Team?

When you need the services of a cutting-edge Alpharetta web development company, Affinity Marketing is here to fulfill your needs. We’ve created custom websites for businesses in the Alpharetta, GA area and for companies across the nation.

How we put together your website will give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in Alpharetta, GA, and beyond. The websites we build make a visual impact that engages visitors. At Affinity Marketing, we realize your company is unique, so your website should be as well. It will be completely customized to your company’s mission and goals.

All of the sites we build are mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly to ensure they are found by targeted prospects and that they look and perform superbly on any internet device being used to access them. In 2020 and beyond, any website that is not mobile-friendly is leaving too many potential customers behind. Our team of web designers is SEO experts. This means they know all the technical and other elements that, when correctly implemented, get a website to the top of the search listings on Google. We also ensure that they get there under keywords that are highly related to what your company offers. This is what brings in high-quality traffic that is likely to convert into customers rather than simply clicks to your website.

At Affinity Marketing, we realize the importance of a website looking beautiful. We also know this is far from the only requirement of an effective site. A website then needs to perform flawlessly with intuitive navigation that tells a visitor where to go to find the products or information they desire. It also needs to have fast-loading webpages that get them where they need to go quickly. Our team of designers, coders, and project managers do all of this and more for every client we take on.

We believe in delivering service and end results that are a cut above the results of other Alpharetta web development companies. We are experienced at dealing with companies of various sizes and delivering maximum return on investment for your budget. We have built websites for businesses across a variety of industries and are particularly adept at designing them for attorneys and law firms.

Web Development in Alpharetta, GA
Web Development in Alpharetta, GA

What Should You Expect From Our Alpharetta Web Development Company?

At Affinity Marketing, we like to think we stand out from other Alpharetta web development companies. Many rave reviews from our clients seem to justify this belief.

We start our web development projects by getting to know our clients. What products or services do you sell? What is the competition like in your field or industry? What are the goals you have for your website? The information we glean from answering such questions helps us to create web solutions that are unique to your company’s needs.

When it comes to web development Alpharetta, GA based company service offers little competition to the mix of services and solutions that our experienced and knowledgeable team can deliver for you. There are a few things you can definitely expect from us, and these include the following:

  • Your website will be unique to your company. If you’re looking for cheap, cookie-cutter designs that don’t stand out above the crowd, go elsewhere. At Affinity Marketing, we realize that we don’t succeed unless we help you succeed. You’ve undoubtedly got a lot of competition, so this success requires solutions tailored to your company, goals, and needs.
  • We’ll deliver an SEO-Friendly website. SEO is a separate digital marketing service we also offer. That said, when we develop your website for you, we make sure it has every possible element that search engines look for incorporated into it from the beginning. This includes the creation of content that’s centered around those keywords that will bring you targeted traffic.
  • We will get your website built in the time frame stated and within your budget. As a premier web development company, Alpharetta businesses expect us to complete their digital marketing projects on time and within their budget, and we don’t disappoint. We’ll get your website development project completed in about four to eight weeks. What end of this time range you fall on will depend on the complexity of your site and loftiness of your goals for it.
  • We focus on conversion and return on investment. Our team realizes that your website needs to deliver results for your company. Whether its mission is to bring in leads from a prospecting website or to get online purchases from an e-commerce site, we design it to accomplish the mission. This means bringing together all the fundamentals of good web design into a cohesive whole that delivers a user experience that converts.
  • We provide ongoing support. Upon completing your website design and launch, we give you instructions on how to use it and how to make simple changes and updates. We also realize that after completing their web development Alpharetta, GA companies want website maintenance services, so they can stay focused on their business rather than maintaining their site. This is why we provide website hosting, security, performance optimization, and monthly database back up services.

Get Help Today From Affinity Marketing Web Development Team in Alpharetta, GA

At Affinity Marketing, we know that Alpharetta, GA businesses need every advantage they can get over the competition. If you need premium website design and development services from the best web development company Alpharetta have, please contact us at your earliest convenience. You can fill out our contact form online, or simply give us a call at (678) 677-9046.

We will talk with you and learn everything we can about what it is you are looking to achieve from either a new website for a company you are launching or a redesign of your existing website. We’ll then be able to let you know how our Alpharetta web development company can help you realize your goals. You won’t find a better team of dedicated professionals in the Alpharetta, GA area for your web development and other digital marketing needs, so please contact us today!

It takes around 41 minutes to get the best web development service near Alpharetta, GA

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Web Development in Alpharetta, GA
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to design a website?

It takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks to complete an entire web development project. Everything depends upon the complexity of the design, the number of pages included in your website, and its functionalities. At Affinity, we take every project seriously and we make sure to take all the necessary time to complete each project to our customers’ satisfaction. Our entire web design team is responsible for providing you with an innovative vision, while still reflecting the values of your company. We choose our projects carefully to be sure that we are the technology partners you are looking for and can help you get the most out of your website.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes. All our websites are responsive and look perfectly on both mobile phones and tablets.
This is a very important factor for a perfect user-experience. At Affinity, we have years of experience in offering a web design service. We always adapt our web pages to all types of devices, mobile phones, and tablets. Essential nowadays, since a very high percentage of traffic no longer arrives only by computer.

How is custom web design different than a template website?

The main difference is that a website created using templates does not allow you to develop all the changes that you want when building the website. On the other hand, with custom development you can capture your ideas with complete freedom. Of course, a template-based website has a much cheaper price than a custom design, but quality is compromised. We have an expert team in web graphic design. We adapt to your tastes and work jointly with our clients to arrive at the desired design. In addition, we are always aware of the latest trends in web design.

Will my website be SEO-friendly?

Every website we design is oriented to SEO positioning. That means we don’t just design your website for optimal appearance and function, we optimize both the design and the back end to improve your search position on Google. Image optimization, bounce rate, plugins…. These are all important things to consider.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

We always welcome clients who have some expertise with PHP and HTML codes to self-edit their websites at any time. However, we always recommend that you allow us to handle the changes for you in order to minimize the chances of breaking the website. At Affinity, we offer web maintenance subscriptions at affordable costs. Our expert developers are always available to make any desired changes.

Will you maintain and monitor my site for me?

We monitor daily all the updates and functionalities of your website. A good website always needs proper maintenance to keep it working properly. It does not matter where your website is hosted; we work with any hosting. If your current website host is not meeting your needs, we work hand-in-hand with some of the best in the market and would be glad to make a referral.

Web Development in Alpharetta, GA
Web Development

Each company, each initiative, each project has unique characteristics. During our more than ten years of experience, we have always developed all our web designs in a unique and different way, placing special emphasis on our customers specific requirements and needs.

Why Affinity?