Web Maintenance Services

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is a set of ongoing critical tasks that ensure the smooth operation of your website over time. Your website is the public reflection of your company’s image. A poorly maintained website containing many errors (broken hypertext links, 404 errors on pages, outdated information) projects a sloppy image of your company. Timely, professional maintenance of a website reduces these risks and helps sustain your company’s growth on the web.

Why is maintaining a website essential?

Like any object or tool that one wishes to perpetuate, a website needs regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly and to maximize its technical potential. Since a website is a technological environment where things evolve very quickly, it is all the more important to make maintenance a continuous process. In this way, your company can continue to benefit from this powerful tool and generate traffic even after several years. Maintenance is a kind of insurance, a guarantee of the good performance of your website, but not only that—it is also a guarantee of its durability.

What happens if I don’t maintain my website?

Almost every website platform requires “ad hoc” updates on a regular basis. These updates are often security patches, the addition of new functionalities, or break/fix services, where a specific issue has arisen and been resolved. Failure to implement these updates regularly will not necessarily have an impact on the display of a site in the short term. However, when several updates are missed a website will soon have edge effects due to incompatibilities between the Content Management System (CMS) and plugins, causing issues to arise. If these errors persist, they can have a negative impact on search engine optimization (SEO); in other words, they can cause a drop in the number of pages indexed by search engines and/or a drop in the position of hits on search results pages.

Can I do website maintenance changes myself?

At Affinity Marketing, we believe that website owners have the right to manage their own sites if they wish. However, in doing so there is always the risk of making mistakes and causing the website to malfunction, or even worse, to completely go down. We recommend having an expert do the job of maintaining your website, and we would be thrilled to be your expert of choice.

What is covered by Affinity’s website maintenance services?


  • Check to ensure that website is loading without errors.
  • Quick checks to make sure everything is working properly.


  • Backups made to Affinity Google Drive.
  • Check and update of all WordPress files.
  • Check all pages on the update core website software and plugins.
  • Check all forms to ensure they are working properly.
  • Check user accounts and form submissions to remove spam comments or other undesired content.
  • Check for any broken links.
  • Check for 404 errors and resolve these by fixing links or redirecting.
  • Check website loading speed; if more than 3 seconds then this needs to be addressed.
  • Review security scans and resolve any issues.
  • Review each page on your website for consistency (fonts, photo sizes).
  • Test all WordPress forms.
  • Optimize WordPress database.
  • Run performance tests.

Can I hire you to just edit, update, and manage my website for me?

Absolutely! Even if your website was built by another company or developer, we would be happy to manage and maintain it. Our website maintenance packages fit every business size and give you peace of mind.

What happens if I cancel my website management subscription?

If you cancel your website management/maintenance subscription, Affinity Marketing will no longer be responsible for any updates to your site and any issues that may arise. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have before you cancel your service with us.